Text Banking

To enroll in TXT Banking, simply log into Home Banking, click TXT Banking on the left, and follow the prompts. To use TXT Banking, send a message to 13852444609 from your cell phone.

Please note that you must include ONE SPACE between the text code, the PIN, and the loan number.

To Receive Send This Text Message
Account Balance BAL (your PIN)
Account History HIS (your PIN) (optional type)
Loan Balance LBAL (your PIN) (loan number)
Loan History LHIS (your PIN) (loan number)
Account Type List ACC (your PIN)
Loan List LOA (your PIN)
Check Clearing CHK (your PIN) (check number) (optional type)
PIN Change PIN (your PIN) (new PIN)
Transfer of Funds TRN (your PIN) (from type) (to type) (amount)
Payment on Loan PMT (your PIN) (from type) (to loan number) (amount)
Set Default Account Type SET (your PIN) (account number)
HELP followed by any code HELP [BAL] [HIS] [LBAL] [LHIS] [ACC] [LOA] [CHK] [PIN] [TRN] [SET] or [PMT]


• Account type - the account type you would like to use
• Amount - the dollar amount of the transfer or payment
• Check Number - the check number you would like to search for
• From Type - your account type used for the source of funds for your payment or transfer
• Loan Number - your loan number you would like to query against
• New Pin - your new access pin you would like to use
• Optional Type - by default your message will use the default account type. Include an account type here when you would like to use a different account type
• To Loan Number - your loan number you would like to make a payment to
• To Type - your account type you wold like to transfer funds to
• Your PIN - your current access PIN

To receive your deposit balances (if your PIN is 1234) send: BAL 1234
To receive your history for type 0 account (if your PIN is 1234) send: HIS 1234 0

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